Concept-Information – FONDS

Concept information - FONDS - Fukan GmbH
– Fonds-Establishment between China and Germany

Our mission:

We facilitate the entrance into the Chinese market for German companies or persons with unique technical products and support them by our long-time experience. For Example, the Chinese government only gives credits to companies which buy properties in China. We help you to avoid this barrier.

Our aim:

We will build up a funds in China. In the future these funds should invest in projects and products with innovative technologies. 


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An investor in China will place 5 Mil. € at our disposal.

And we are in negotiations with two other investors who will also place 5 Mil€ each.

Now we are searching for YOU as fourth investor from Germany who would like to participate in the establishment of the funds. The exact conditions as, for example the height of the risk capital needs individual and single negotiations.


Our target group:

Are companies or persons who dispose about the appropriate technology or the knowledge and are able to invest no money or only a few money, but would like to start business in the Chinese market with their product or project, or would like to cooperate with Chinese enterprises.

Our vision:

Is to transport new innovative technologies into the Chinese market and to create durable co-operations between China and Germany.


If we have found an appropriate technology or an appropriate know-how partner, the Fukan GmbH will check the quality and the value of the technology in co-operation with YOU.

Your advantage:

With mutual interest we can guarantee that you, if you are, e.g., in the position to invest 1.-€ for a project as described before, then our investor will give 3-4.-€ as an investment in addition, i.e. if the funds has invested, your part lies only by 1/5.

Your security:

This will minimize your risk, offers financial security in the Chinese market and gets you an increase.

Profitable discussions:

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.