Industrial Representation:

You have developed a good product
and you possess the appropriate
special know-how and you are interested
to start-up in the Chinese market?
We are glad to support and help you
to look for suitable business partners.
We facilitate co-operation negotiations
and help you to create your commercial

Ideally we represent smaller, medium-sized German and European technology-oriented enterprises in the People's Republic of China with our marketing company in Shanghai.

We have many years experience and offer our services, within the framework of the industrial representation, to all interested enterprises from the branch.

FUKAN GmbH is more than only a representation for you:

  • We manage the sale or the import of your products
  • We organize everything for you and support you in the process of establishing your sales
  • We act in China as a competent partner for you

tl_files/Fukan-Daten/Bilder/Industrievertretung/industrie_vertretung_1.jpgBased on our excellent knowledge of the Chinese market, we can provide our customers with well-founded assessments on the feasibility of a project. We are continuously looking for further industrial products in order to support you in your sales in China. Are you interested in the Chinese market? - Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

Product Portfolio

  • Wind Power-components; for example slip-rings
  • Solar Power-components; for example inverters