The photovoltaic grid-connected power generation is the most attractive energy utilization technology in the 21st century. In this system, the electricity is directly injected into a power grid without battery, therefore avoiding power loss and reducing costs due to efficient utilization of renewable power, without charge and discharge of batteries. 

The grid-connected inverter is the core device of a PV power station and the basic of a long term power generation, which is mainly used to convert direct current, generated by solar battery, into alternative current with the same frequency, same phase, same voltage to the power grid and then connected into the power grid. The capability of photovoltaic inverter directly influences the maintenance, benefit, cost and security of solar power generation system.

The inverter can be applied in small-size PV power station of 1000Wp-6000Wp as well as large scale PV power stations of MW level. The core advantages of the Inverter are the following three aspects:

  • The overall performance of the products reaches is the international advanced level, the main performance index even beyond the international advanced level.
  • The products have the advantage of higher performance-price-ratio
  • The products have acquired CE and VDE certification. The first VDE certification that has been acquired in China at all.