Slip rings

Serie SRK + SRW

System description:

The turn-over carrier from the series SRK and SRW represents the highest quality level of electric turn-over carriers. They allow the transmission of the finest electricity and signals as well as performances.

The slip rings are polished and are coated with a special hard gold plating with 400 Vickers hardness.

It is felt about a feather system with at least 2 gold contacts per slideway.

This gold / gold combination is the guarantor for the corrosion resistance and the highest contact performance. Our construction units are definitely maintenance-free and guarantee a reliable and long-lived operation.


To guarantee the function the slip ring turn-over carrier is inserted in a massive aluminium-case with a supported high-grade steel-or aluminium-wave.

By this construction the sensitive mechanics does fulfill  the durable, engines-structural demands also under extreme condition.

The pole number is variable and is implemented customized.